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Our Story

It's long. Plus it doesn't matter where we've been. It matters where we ARE now and where we are GOING.  You don't have to read it...unless you WANT to, then by all means take a gander. 


All About Entertainment was started in 2003 by me, Jennifer Wilson, a previous Disney Cast member who (before working for the Disney company) had been in the entertainment industry for 12 years. When I first started this company, I combined my long time experience in the industry and incredible training through years with Disney along with my love for entertaining children and created a company that would put smiles on children's faces.

With the support of my family and friends, I made my dream a reality. All About Entertainment, Inc. was born.  I didn't want this company to be like any other company.  I built this company from scratch and was determined from the beginning to make sure "AAE" (as we in the office call it) trained it's employees with excellent PERSONALIZED customer service, and only employed THE BEST entertainers and artists in the industry....and so began AAE in 2003. 

We do many corporate and public events and we love them, but birthday parties really give us a chance to help Moms and Dads in a very unique way that sets us apart from other entertainment companies.  When I was little, a pizza and Pin the Tail on the Donkey game were all that was needed for a great party.  Oh how things have changed!  Now parents have the burden of finding appropriate entertainment, decor, rentals and so much more. ...all because we want to create a wonderful birthday memory for our children. (and be the 'Best mom ever' in their eyes).  I bet when you became a parent, that you had no idea "party planner" would be added to our forever growing list of parental roles!  Many moms and dads have shared how stressful this is because you want your child's party to be fantastic, but often parents don't know where to start. We can help you. Planning  incredible children's birthday parties is what we specialize in.  We are experts.

So what makes us so different from other companies?

Since the beginning, our clients have given us incredible feedback about our superior quality entertainers. We also hear about how happy they are that we offer entertainment options that are not typical.  Many clients have voiced to us they are always looking for "Something different" to bring to their events.  We continue to seek out and create the best, and most unique entertainment options for our clients.  Our performers are also required to have background checks and are approved with the school board to perform in public schools.  Aside from the great service and superior quality of our events and entertainment, our high profile clients choose us because we are very professional, confidential and discreet.  Although our roster of celebrity clientele is long, we never post or publicize anything anywhere about them.  All of the quotes we post are specifically posted with permisson.  The complete confidence of our clients in the professional quality of our service and performers is priceless! 


Everyone at my company knows that is our responsibility to be the absolute BEST we can be.  With that in mind you should know that we are constantly trying to raise the bar and go above and beyond what is expected.  

I feel very proud of what we offer here.  I know we make a huge difference by creating wonderful memories for all of our clients and their families. ....and that's just what we do.  Every day.

This quote epitomizes just what I mean:

"We have used the All About Entertainment services several times now, and could not be happier. From the assistance with planning the right activities, booking the entertainer, and overall excitement, All About Entertainment was an excellent decision." ​    ​– Peter Savino, Palm Beach.


I think I can speak for my whole staff when I say that we love what we do here at AAE because we continue everyday to successfully put smiles on children's faces....and that makes us very happy. 

Thanks for celebrating with us!

Eventfully yours,

Jennifer Wilson


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