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Digital Caricaaturis


2 hour minimum: $575

Each additional hour: $275

State of the Art Live Digital Caricaturist:


Digital Caricatures are caricatures drawn directly into the computer with a tablet. The table has the monitor built into it allowing the artist to draw and see what he's drawing as if he was working on paper. This alone will amaze your guest as they'll crowd around to get a better look at this new technology.


Advantages over Traditional:

  • The caricatures can be seen from across the room: the drawing unfolds on a larger flat screen LCD monitor that can be set up higher on a tall tabletop.

  • Can print full color caricatures with your company logo, slogan and/or text with the name and date of the event.

  • Can design custom backgrounds according to your theme that your guests or clients can be drawn into.

  • Guests will be able to get a digital JPEG file of their caricature and quickly download their digital caricatures either directly to their computers or smart phones.

  • Each caricature will be printed with a website address in small text, where they'll be able to download their caricature. But if you prefer, we'll burn a CD with all the caricatures on it at the end of the event and give it to you instead.


Each caricature will be printed on a very quick and high quality, color photo printer in a convenient glossy 4x6 size. Our artists can complete 10-12 digital renderings per hour.

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