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Marci Poppins

Great for ages 3-7 year olds, Marci is perfect for birthday parties, libraries, schools, or any family-friendly event live or virtually!
Marci is a family entertainer specializing in storytelling, puppets, magic and face painting. Based on her 30 years experience performing for young audiences, she created Marci Poppins, a whimsical character who's warm and friendly personality causes merriment wherever she goes. Her high energy shows and her funny antics will keep the kids laughing as she shares lessons in kindness, tolerance, self esteem and how to cultivate a positive attitude. 
The 40-45 minute show is highly interactive available in English, Spanish or even a bilingual show!
Marci's shows must be indoors during the months of May, June, July, and August.

You can choose the original Marci Poppins show or one of the specific programs listed below!

40-45 minute show: $545
Additional back-to-back shows: $390

Optional Add-on:
Marci Poppins is also an internationally award winning face painter. She can follow her show with  beautiful basic face painting or if you would prefer balloon animals, she can also make basic balloon animals, flowers and swords!
1 Hour of Face Painting or Balloons: $175
(up to 20 kids per hour)

Marci Poppins Programs

Marci Poppins: Magical Storytime
Marci Poppins, a loveable endearing character, brings the magic of storytelling right into your library in this fun and high-energy presentation that can be customized to fit any theme or any occasion. Gather your children together to share in classic fairy tales like Cinderella with a twist, stories about Marci's favorite animals and even a ghost story. Marci Poppins captivates her audiences with a sprinkle of magic, resonance of laughter at her comedy, and charming puppets making the children's time together an unforgetable expeirence for everyone.

Marci Poppins: Pet Detective
Someone stole the cookies from the cookie jar and the three little pigs are in trouble! TIme to call Marci Poppins PDA (Pet Detective Agency)! With the help of her furry friends Marci gets to the bottom of the conflict using comedy, magic and storytelling to create laughter and a memorable experience for everyone.

Magic is fun!
In this high energy presentation, Marci Poppins takes her audience on a magic adventure where fun and unexplainable things happen. With the help of her adorable puppets she creates laughter as things appear and disappear, turn into something else and keeps kids asking "how did you do that?" Fun for the whole family who will leave amazed and with a big smile on their face


Marci Poppins The Explorer

A magical adventure about exploring the Earth and all of it's creatures! From dinosaurs to gorillas, flowers that grow with magic, and stories about the ocean, this high energy presentation encourages children to explore and discover what makes our world special!

Underwater Adventures

In this fun presentation, Marci Poppins takes her young audience on a magical underwater adventure to discover the ocean and it's many treasures. Using magic, storytelling, puppets, and music Marci Poppins captivates and entertains the children while meeting a variety of sea creatures, all of which arrive with a wonderflul story to tell!

Celebrate Earth Day

A show about the importance of caring for our planet through protecting our Earth's natural resources with an emphasis on recycling!

Dia de los Ninos

The Mexican national holiday that celebrates children is celebrated on April 30th each year. El Dia del Nino first started in the early 1920's, way before the United Nations suggested that countries adopt a National Children's Day in honor of the Children's Rights Declaration of 1959. Marci Poppins's love for children is evident in this fun and high energy presentation featuring magic, storytelling, and puppets.
Don't see a show that fits your theme or program? No worries! We can work with you to make a show for any theme!

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