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Face Painting

Beautiful Basic

Incredible Intermediate

Astounding Advance

Interested in facepaint that glows under UV or black light? We have you covered!
Basic: $195 per hour
Intermediate: $210 per hour
Advanced: $275 per hour

Just as any professional field has many levels of skill, so does professional face-painting.  If you speak to another children's entertainment company and they tell you all of their face-painters are great, be cautious.  Always see pictures of their work, and make sure that the person who actually painted those faces will be the one who is at your party!! Many companies show great pictures to lure customers in, but send out unskilled painters.  We don't!  In fact, we give credit to each artist on every face-painting example we show on our website so you can see which of our face painters you like best and request that painter if you wish.


Another huge consideration when hiring a face painter is the quality, cleanliness and upkeep of their paints, brushes, sponges, and other tools of the trade.  Our professional artists use only water-based, hypoallergenic paint made specifically for use on children's sensitive skin (and it washes off easily). 


Please remember the more time the artist has, the more elaborate the design can be. 


Our face painters can transform kids into everything from beautiful butterflies to powerful superheroes in a matter of minutes!


No matter what skill level you decide to hire, all of our face-painters are complete professionals and truly do a great job. We are very proud of them! 

We have 3 different face painting skill levels you can choose from.

  • Our beautiful basic level of face painting is good, and appropriate for most events. 

  • Our incredible intermediate face painting is better, more detailed, and appropriate for parties and events where you want something a little more impressive.

  • Our advanced level is above and beyond what you would find at any "typical" party or event.  When you absolutely need the best, choose extremely experienced and amazing advanced face painting.


Beautiful Basic:

  • $175 per hour (can paint about 15 kids in an hour)

  • A painter for 1.5 hours can paint about 23 kids

  • A painter for 2 hours can paint about 30 kids


Incredible Intermediate:

  • $190 per hour (can paint about 15 kids in an hour)

  • A painter for 1.5 hours can paint about 23 kids

  • A painter for 2 hours can paint about 30 kids


Astounding Advanced: 

  • $250 per hour (can paint about 10 kids per hour)

Please also note that for the comfort of your guests and our artists, if outdoors our face painters will require solid overhead coverage from the elements. (Sorry trees don't count.) Examples would be under a tent, under a patio awning,  etc.

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