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# of guests:

For up to 20 guests:

For 21 to 40 guests:

For 41 to 60 guests:

For 61 to 80 guests:

For 81 to 100 guests:

1st hour

Per additional 1/2 hour:











Great for kids, teens and adults ages 5 and up!
Fun, Fitness & Friends! Exciting, Entertaining, and Exhilarating are just some of the words your guests might use  to describe your party if you choose our sports party option!
Here are the details:
Depending on the number of guests that will be at your party, one or more certified Physical Education coach(es) will provide totally fun fitness activities! A variety of games will be organized and set up prior to starting time and guests will play as many cooperative games as time will allow.
There are several games you can choose from and the coaches are open to requests for other particular games as well.
Examples of sports and cooperative games include flag football, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, ultimate football, kickball, capture the flag, electricity, relay races, obstacle relays, dodge ball, knockout (basketball game), capture the bean bags, sharks & minnows, and squirrels and hawks and more!
They provide all the professional sports equipment necessary, including but not limited to: footballs, flag belts, bean bags, kick balls, soccer balls, basketballs, Frisbees, cones, dodge balls, hula hoops, and hurdles.
*IMPORTANT* This program is most effective outdoors with plenty of field space, but it is possible to be indoors in a large area such as a gymnasium or larger, For every 20 guests, they need a space which is roughly 84x50 feet (recreational basketball court-size). This space is just enough for 20 guests, as any more would be too cluttered. So if you have 40 kids, you would need an area size equivalent to 2 basketball courts, etc. Grass is preferred due to safety reasons.

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