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Airbrush Tattoos


2 hours: $450

Each additional hour: $225

Interested in airbrush tattoos that glow under UV or black light? We have you covered!

2 hours: $495

Each additional hour: $250

One of the most popular additions to any event! Perfect for children, teens and adults. Our quality airbrush system is top notch. 


Our premium body paints are multi-color, designed specifically for application to the skin. Produced in the USA with FDA approved skin safe ingredients, our premium body paints are instant drying, water resistant and can last up to a week. Airbrush tattoos can be removed instantly with isopropyl alcohol or baby oil.


Tattoos are applied via airbrush utilizing ITD non-toxic cosmetic body paint and one of our custom stencil designs. We have over 330 stencil designs, from tribal armbands to butterflies and everything in between. The area is sterilized prior to application, then set with setting powder to ensure instant drying.


Artists can do around 20 tattoos in 1 hour, depending on complexity of designs.



What do I have to provide for my airbrush artist?

Access to 110V electrical outlet needed and for outdoor events overhead coverage must be provided. Artist arrives at event at least 15-30 minutes prior to contracted start time to set up equipment.

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